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Marketing for Christian Writers

Linda Fulkerson is an author, a blog coach, online marketing specialist, and award-winning photographer. She presents workshops on Blogging, Social Media, and Online Promotion.

Thanks, Ane, for hosting me on your blog today. I want to share an exciting website for Christian writers that just launched – Marketing for Christian Writers.

What is Marketing for Christian Writers?

It’s a one-stop resource that includes tools, tips, video training (some free, some paid), a podcast (launching this month), free email training, articles, posts, polls and more – all with the purpose of training Christian speakers, writers, authors and bloggers how to market more effectively in order to spread light and salt into the world.

The tagline, “promoting our words in order to spread His” sums up the site’s mission statement. And you can connect with us in other places besides the website – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn (group), Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube – whew! We’re trying to be all many places as possible in order to get the word out about THE word!

One of the most popular parts of Marketing for Christian Writers is “Today’s Tip.” These can be found online (in our Blog and under the “Resources” tab) plus on our social media profiles. These tips share “how-to” do many of the promotion ideas writers are often told to do.

For instance, a writer’s website should include an electronic press kit (EPK). Your online press kit is basically publicity-in-a-box, or, since we’re talking digital here, a zip file. It is your “Interview Me!” flag, so wave it proudly! But what should be included, how does one create such a kit, and then, what should be done with it once it’s ready?

Good questions!

I’ll just answer them right here on Ane’s blog to give you an idea of what to expect from our “Today’s Tips” over on the Marketing for Christian Writers site. (Aside: The best and easiest way to get started over there is to first of all, sign up for our FREE report – “102 Ways to Market Your Stuff,” and then be sure to request email updates because our blog is where we actually teach how to do those tips.)

What should be included in an Electronic Press Kit?

·      Author Bio
·      More about the author – writing-related work/experience/education; links to relevant websites, such as your blog, etc.; awards; previous press coverage; contact info; your writing background; other published works; other works in progress, etc. (Tip: Be brief and not boring, but cover as much relevant information as possible.)
·      Professional headshot
·      Reviews/endorsements
·      Questions & Answers about the book – how you got the book idea; about your main character; what significance the setting has; what audience would enjoy this book (people who enjoyed reading ( ___________ ) would enjoy this book); subject matter - issues/social situations; expertise on the subject matter (Read: speaking opportunities!); why people should read this book; where to buy it; publisher/release date; and other relevant information about your book.
·      An “as if” section – so interviewers can speak Intelligently about the book “as if” they’ve read it – (media types love this sort of thing!)
·      You may wish to include an excerpt – check with your publisher’s guidelines if you’re not self-publishing the book
·      PDF versions of any printed promotional materials you have, such as postcards, bookmarks, flyers, brochures, etc.

How do you create the Electronic Media Kit?

There are a lot of options. If you’ve been to a writers’ conference, you may have seen another author’s one sheet. Also called a “fact sheet,” a one sheet is simply a handshake – an introduction to you and the work you’re presenting to an editor or agent. You can create the information in your online media kit in a similar manner – only in this case, create a one sheet about you and one about your book. You can do this yourself using a desktop publishing program, such as Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign, but may need the help of someone with graphic design experience, as you’ll want this to look as professional as possible.

Next, convert your author info sheet and book info sheets to a portable document file format (PDF), place them together in a folder on your computer’s desktop, compress the folder into a zip file. Then, upload that file onto your website. Create a page within your website and add a graphic, a cover image representing your media kit, and embed the link to the downloadable zip file into that graphic.

What to do with an Electronic Press Kit?

·      Submit a link in emails/press releases whenever you have a new book launch
·      Submit a link whenever you’re speaking (or applying to speak) at a conference and/or trade show or other event
·      Submit a link whenever you’re scheduled for an interview about your writing or your book.

Please share any questions or comments you have about Marketing for Christian Writers (yes, we take requests for Today’s Tips topics) and/or Electronic Press Kits for writers in the comments area.

Again, thanks to Ane for hosting me today. If you’d like a guest post for your blog, please contact me at Thank you for taking the time to stop by today!

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