At the ACFW Awards banquet with Robin Jones Gunn

Jessica Dotta, Gina Holmes and I

started out together in this crazy business. 

This was near then end of my exhausting but exhilarating debut book launch party. With me are Nora St.Laurent from The Book Club Network, and my dear hubs, who is the artist who has painted 5 of my book covers. That's about to end as I begin a new series, but it's been fun having my first series be a family affair. Our Chef son catered the party and it was huge success, as we had over 200 attendees. 

Elizabeth Ludwig and Michelle Griep

are my faithful and wonderful critique partners.

‚ÄčLong, long ago there were three friends who wanted to to be paperback writers. Now they are.

When my muse won't come out to play, I go where I know I'll find creativity: to Sugar Hill Bakery & Cafe, owned and operated by my friend Nancy Wren. You can see by the decor, how creative she is. And my muse loves to play there.

This award means more to me than any I've received. It's the first Volunteer Service Award ever given by ACFW. This was 2013, and I'm holding it in the photo (above left) with Robin Jones Gunn.

I love to speak top book clubs! If you'd like me to come to yours, use the contact tab.

Our original critique group, upper left is Hannibal Dotta,

Attila the Holmes, Genghis Griep, Ludwig von Frankenpen,

and Ane of Mean Gables.