Coming Home ~ a Tiny House Collection 

Love is Sweeter in Sugar Hill, by Ane Mulligan

She lives in a tiny house. He lives in a mansion. She's a nurse who vows to see a certain doctor charged with malpractice. He's the hospital administrator whose job depends on the doctor financing a new hospital wing. Can two hearts see beyond the chasm that separates them?

When the Wind Blows, coming 2018

Two successful women. Two secrets that can destroy their lives.

Jenna Andrews, an award-wining interior designer, is on the fast track to success. But her carefully constructed world is threatened when she learns the abortion she had years earlier has left her unable to have children. Jenna is convinced her marriage will be over if her husband learns the truth. Keeping secret the reason for her inability to carry to term, she and her husband decide to adopt. 

Dr. Eve Borrelli, a trauma surgeon, moves to Atlanta and hires Jenna to decorate her leased townhouse. Eve seems to be a woman on top of the world, but she’s guarding a secret that has the power to end her relationship with the man in her life.

But even the best-kept secrets have a way of escaping. A jealous and psychotic woman is plotting to make Jenna's past public and destroy her marriage.

When the Bough Breaks

Her dream job has a Catch 22 and time is running out

Rookie lobbyist Sienna O'Shea is determined to make a name for herself in New York's capitol city and use that influence to gain easier access to her past. But when she's handed her first assignment, her worlds collide. Swept up into the intrigue of backroom politics, falling in love was not on Sienna's agenda, but the candidate for Lt. Governor runs a formidable campaign to make her his first lady. When an investigative reporter discovers foreign money infiltrating political campaigns, the trail leads to Sienna's inner circle.

                                     Endorsements of When the Bough Breaks:

​"Romance, suspense and the turmoil of politics, written with snap and style by Ane Mulligan. This book has it all." ~ James Scott Bell, bestselling author of City of Angels

When the Bough Breaks is a fast-paced story filled with intrigue, betrayal and romance with a resolution I didn’t see coming. Bravo, Ane Mulligan! Well done! ~Kellie Coates Gilbert, Author of the Texas Gold series (Revell)

Way Down Upon a Suwanee Murder

​​The Mackeys and the Halberts have been feuding for generations, but on one can remember why.  When Savannah met Jackson, she fell in love before she knew his last name. Now engaged, they have to end the feud so they can get married with each family's blessing. But if no one knows why the feud started, how can they end it? Savannah is sure the answer is hidden somewhere within the old—and haunted—Mackey mansion, now turned museum.

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